At Bissell Clinic, we care for patients of all ages and stages. With our comprehensive suite of healthcare services, we can get you out of pain and on the path to optimal wellness.

From joint and muscle stiffness, post-workout soreness, ligament sprains and muscle strains, our clinic can address the needs of all athletes, from the weekend warrior, the student athlete, to the seasoned professional.

In addition to treatment, our practitioners provide Kinesio and athletic taping services and for those who require more support, we have Bauerfeind braces available for purchase. These German-made, top of the line braces are used by players of the NBA and provide medical-grade compression to support the injured area and reduce swelling.

Of course, our Chiropractors also perform pre-season physicals for student-athletes.

As a golfer himself, Dr. Bissell understands the unique stresses that golf puts on the body. He is a certified TPI medical professional and trained by the Titleist organization to evaluate the biomechanical strengths and weaknesses in a golfer and can prescribe the correct stretches and exercises to keep one at the top of their game.

Our providers are committed to keeping bodies moving as they age. Consistent movement in a joint protects it from fusing and slows the degeneration of that joint. The gentle, low and non-force techniques that our chiropractors use help to maintain the mobility of the spine and also provide relief from pain.

Additionally, physical therapy is a great option for treating problems with balance, muscle weakness and the aches and pains associated with aging. Our physical therapy is done in a private room, with the same therapist each time which provides privacy and freedom from the noise and distractions of other patients.

It’s true that not all kids necessarily need chiropractic care regularly. Children that carry heavy backpacks, sit in hard chairs at school and participate in dance or sports are all at risk for developing back and neck pain, scoliosis and/or sprains and strains from their extracurricular activities. Some experience foot pain due to playing hard in the wrong shoes or because of congenital anomalies and biomechanical imbalances. We can address all of these concerns through chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, custom orthotics and education about stretching, posture, and ergonomics. We also perform sports physicals and scoliosis screening.

Inactivity can cause nearly as many aches and pains as overuse, yet we often overlook the problems caused by our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Our doctors help to undo this damage through adjustments and passive stretches, both of which will restore proper tone to your muscles, lubricate your joints and relieve pressure on your discs. Additionally, we provide treatments to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches as well as neck and back pain caused by excessive sitting and/or bad posture. Lastly, we can help you to implement proper ergonomics at work and assist you in creating a stand-up workstation.

Caring for children puts demands on the body that many people don’t stop to think about. From loosened ligaments during pregnancy, to breastfeeding, lifting and carrying children, sleeping in awkward positions while comforting a sick child or spending hours driving them to & from activities all take a toll on our overall physical health. Unfortunately, all of this can lead to spinal strain, asymmetrical muscle development, pain, and physical limitations.