chiropractic services  Santa Barbara, CA

Chiropractic focuses on the removal of what is called a subluxation. A subluxation is when a vertebra in your spine becomes misaligned. When we make a correction to your subluxation, your spinal alignment is restored. As a result, you may experience a relief of many common symptoms such as pain or muscle spasm.

Hands-On and Instrument-Assisted Techniques

There are four primary techniques that we use in our patient care:

  •  Diversified. This hands-on technique is gentle and highly accurate.
  •  Thompson Drop. A drop piece of the adjusting table moves away, making for a low-force adjustment.
  •  Activator®. An instrument is used for osteoporotic patients, children or anyone who prefers it.

Our Soft Tissue Modalities

As a part of your care, your chiropractor may recommend any of the following soft tissue modalities based on what is most appropriate for you.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This therapy is not only relaxing and enjoyable. It also assists the body’s healing process by flushing inflammation-causing chemicals and other toxins from the muscles, thereby reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles and providing pain relief for both acute and chronic conditions.


When the soft tissues of your body are injured, this therapy can address them.


Ultrasound creates heat within the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency sound waves which can penetrate below the skin’s surface much more deeply than other topical heat applications. The result is an increase in circulation to the affected area, a reduction in muscle tension and decreased pain and swelling.


This therapy delivers pain relief or anti-inflammatory medications transdermally through the use of an iontophoresis patch or with ultrasound. Some medications used with these modalities require a doctor’s prescription.